• Introduction to Defensive Pistol with Jim Haney  04/20/19


Introduction to Defensive Pistol With Jim Haney

Jim Haney is a 12 year veteran of the United States Army. He was with the 5th Special Forces Group ( Green Beret) and has been part of operations all over the world in support of the GWOT. He conducted countless direct actions and clandestine missions around the world. After his time in the Army Jim continued to train elite forces and conduct kidnap recovery operations in hostile environments. Come and experience first hand training with Jim Haney assisted by Jim Owens.

This one day course is designed to introduce the casual shooter to the tactical concepts of pistol operation and mental mindset necessary to Win The Fight! This course is structured in a manner that the Novice and the experienced shooters can learn techniques and proper mindset associated with tactical pistol. ITTP reaffirms the basics and sheds a whole new light on what is available in the firearms training world. This course does require some kneeling, pro-longed standing and other shooting positions that will challenge the student. The classroom for this course is on the range!

Class begins at 8am and normally ends around 4pm.

Equipment list

-Quality Handgun

            -Min 3 magazines, preferably 5

            -400 to 500 rounds of factory ammunition NO RELOADS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

-sturdy belt and holster made for your gun that will insure it remains secure while moving, non SERPA STYLE with index finger release

            -magazine pouches, open top recommended or chest rig setup

            -Ear and Eye protection

            -Form fitting gloves, knee pads and elbow pads are HIGHLY recommended

            -Weapons cleaning kit and lube

            -Small note pad or mobile device

            -Hydration pack/water bottle/or similar

            -Bug spray sun screen

            -rain gear and seasonally appropriate clothing

            -Med kit/Tourniquet/etc

            -Ball cap

            -camp chair (there won’t be a lot of down time but you will have breaks)



*There must be at least 4 students to hold this course.

A $20 range fee will be collected on the day of the class. Residents of Warrensburg are exempt from the range fee.

Introduction to Defensive Pistol with Jim Haney 04/20/19

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