• Illinois Conceal Carry 16 Hours  5/18-5/19/2019

Illinois Concealed Carry

This class meets and exceeds the 16 hour requirement for those wanting an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit. The course covers the following and more;


Firearms Safety.Basic Principals of Marksmanship.Care, cleaning, loading, and unloading of Concealed Firearm.All applicable Federal and State laws relating to ownership, storage, carry, and transportation of a firearm.Proper Interaction with Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Personnel while carrying a concealed firearm.


Students will complete a live fire qualification of 30 rounds at a B27 target at the following distances with a 70% required to pass (21 out of 30):

10 rounds at 5 yards (15 feet)

10 rounds at 7 yards (21 feet)

10 rounds at 10 yards (30 feet)


Our course is based on Military and Law Enforcement fundamentals when it comes to gun handling skills. Students will learn the same techniques and mindset as do law enforcement officers in their training. Students are taught safe, practical and relevant gun handling skills. Dry fire exercises and scenario based instruction are also part of the course. This course is set up in a manner in which even the most novice shooter can attend and pass successfully.


Equipment list for Concealed Carry

An open mind

Pen and paper

Lunch both days and something to drink

Weather appropriate clothing

Sun screen and bug spray depending on time of year

Camp chair is strongly recommended

Quality handgun (we highly suggest using a semi-auto with minimum of two magazines)

100 rounds of factory ammunition, Full metal jacket (NO RELOADS, NO EXCEPTIONS)

Sturdy belt

OUTSIDE the waist holster made for your firearm (No Cross Draw Holsters, No Serpa, No holster that requires your index finger to unlock)

Eye and Ear protection

$20 range fee due on second day of course.

Illinois Conceal Carry 16 Hours 5/18-5/19/2019

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