All Concealed Carry courses must have a minimum of four students as do all two day courses. All other course minimums will be at the discretion of Resolute Dynamics, LLC. 

All courses have a $20 per day range fee due on the day of the class. Except for Conceal Carry which only has the fee on the second day. Warrensburg Residents exempt from range fee. Range fee included in price of Low Light No Light class.


January  7&21   Illinois Conceal Carry $150.00

January 13         Active Shooter

January 27         Defensive Pistol

January 28         Defensive Rifle


February 3-4     Ladies Only Illinois Conceal Carry

March 10-11    Illinois Conceal Carry

March 17         Introduction to Defensive Pistol

March 18         Pro 2A Rally in Decatur, Il

March 21         Low Light No Light Night Shoot- Pistol 

March 25         Couples Introduction to Defensive Pistol  


April 7             Introduction to Defensive Pistol

April 8             Introduction to Defensive Rifle  

April 14-15      Ladies Only Illinois Conceal Carry 

April 21-22      Illinois Conceal Carry


May 19          Introduction to Defensive Pistol 

May 21          Low light/No light

May 26          Salem Baptist Church Illinois Conceal Carry Day 1


June 9            Salem Baptist Church Illinois Conceal Carry Day 2

June 16          Combative Carbine 3+ Class

June 20          Low light Shooting 1 - Pistol   


July 11           Illinois Conceal Carry Recertification 5:30-8:30pm 

July 14-15      Illinois Conceal Carry 



Sept 8            Introduction to Defensive Pistol


Oct 13-14      Ladies Only Illinois Conceal Carry  

Oct 27-28      Illinois Conceal Carry  

Nov 3-4.        Illinois Conceal Carry